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Working with parents of the Spoonfed Generation

The Teacher Workshop

Helping Parents

Support your parents with these practical, up-to-date parenting articles

Would you like to:

  • Provide parents with the help and support they need
  • Have parents who are better informed when dealing with their child and the school
  • Have fewer situations of anxious and overprotective parents
  • Have fewer challenging meetings between parents and teachers
  • Address common issues with practical expert advice
  • Help kids become better equipped with life skills for greater future success

It’s easy with our specially-written, easy-to-read newsletter articles for you to publish in your school’s parent newsletter.

Helping Teachers

Build your teacher’s abilities to effectively communicate with parents

Would you like your team to:

  • Have the know-how to communicate better with parents
  • Build great relationships with parents
  • Minimise potential conflict and situation blowups with parents
  • Support parents with their parenting using expert knowledge
  • Handle challenging situations with confidence
  • Be empowered with specialised programs designed for new teachers
  • Conduct productive parent-teacher meetings

Easy to use resources to build skills in staff to help support, manage and engage parents and build strong parent-school partnerships.

Get benefits of a full membership

Build stronger parent-school partnerships

Here are what some of the more than 1,500 Parentingideas Schools say about their membership:

Through our Parentingideas School membership the philosophy of Parentingideas challenged the way in which we viewed our community and significantly changed the way our teachers engaged with our parents. The articles support our philosophy of ‘educating the whole child’ and the timely advice in different school seasons added value to our message of education as life itself, not a preparation for it. Thanks for being a great part of our school story of change and improvement.

Linda, Principal School of Lady of Grace

Over the years, Parenting Ideas has had a very positive impact on our school community and on my perspectives on how we can help children live!

Brian Dill, Principal, Newbridge Heights Public School

Thank you! Our recent school reviews indicated our performance is in the top 3% of schools in the world. Five years of Parentingideas School membership helped achieve top marks for "Community Engagement" and the "Provision of guidance for parents.” Your work has left an indelible imprint on Avoca PS.

Michael Kiss, Principal, Queensland